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5 Little Known Facts about Private Aircraft Owning a private aeroplane is generally something that only the most elite of us can boast, and knowing how to pilot one is a whole other consideration when you are looking at aircraft for sale in Australia. Unlike commercial planes; private aircraft often feature a variety of unique elements – many of which directly affect the way that the craft operates. Here at Nextant Pacific, understanding the unique elements that go into aircrafts is something that we specialise in, and we’d love to share a few little-known facts about our favourite mode of transport!

The Hottest Property

It’s no secret that planes can carry quite a price tag, but did you know that when an aircraft’s model count falls to 7% or lower, it’s value drastically increases? As rare as this event is, it’s not uncommon for particular planes to have their prices increased once, twice and even three times over!

Engineering Value

The engines found in the King Air 250 and 200GT models are practically identical to the P&WC PT6-61 engines – which actually cost quite a substantial amount less! As the engines are so similar, there’s really no reason why some hard earned cash couldn’t be saved by purchasing the cheaper model - especially as you won’t be risking the overall quality of the craft.

The Power of the Hour

The days of providing power by the hour may soon come to an end, no thanks to local engine extension programs that apply to P&WC PT6 engines in specific. These programs make it an option to extend the operation time of the PT6 engine, meaning that ‘power by the hour’ equivalents could be deemed irrelevant.

More Than a Movie

For those that have seen Pacific Rim, you may be surprised to hear that there’s something a little more terrifying than giant mutants wreaking havoc on the United States. Imagine how terrifying a fuel spill with runway damage would be, when flying aboard a King Air. The better option would be to fly East through Europe, to minimise the length of the journey itself.

Sick Bags at the Ready

Travel sickness affects one in fifteen people, and of the main causes – cabin noise comes in second to pressurisation as one of the leading reasons. Before purchasing an aircraft, it’s a good idea to get to know a little bit more about the dBA levels of the plane itself – and these will help you to understand just how much of an impact fatigue may have on you, during your flights.